How to Read Your Wastewater Bill

Key Largo Wastewater Treatment District bills for your monthly usage on your Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority bill. You can find it under the section titled “Explanation of Charges” listed as “Wastewater base facility charge” and “Wastewater usage charge.”

Wastewater Bill Zoomed

The Wastewater base facility charge is a monthly recurring charge and is calculated by multiplying $33.60 times your EDU assignment. For single family homes, the EDU assignment is 1. For multi-family homes, the EDU assignment is one times the number of units. For Commercial and mixed-use parcels, the EDU assignment is calculated by evaluating your historic usage over three years and dividing by 5010 (which is approximately what the average, single family residence uses). The Wastewater usage charge is calculated by multiplying $5.27 by the number of gallons shown under “Total Consumption” and divided by 1,000 (the $5.27 is charged per 1,000 gallons).

If you have questions about the water charges on your bill or you need to update contact, billing or mailing address information, contact the Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority . If you have questions about the wastewater charges on your bill, contact our Assessment & Billing department here, or give us a call. Wastewater Bill